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“The Cunningham Panel™”

From Dec 31st, 2017, Wieslab AB, will not offer the Cunningham panel (no. 564) as a test for the diagnosis of PANDAS/PANS.

If you are interested or have questions regarding this test please contact Amy Cross at or visit

If you as parent would like to order “The Cunningham Panel™” before Dec 31st 2017 please contact a physician that can order the test directly from Wieslab.

Wieslab has formed a partnership with Moleculera labs in Oklahoma USA, in regards to PANDAS / PANS testing. Wieslab acts as Moleculeras service partner in countries outside of North America. Consequently, Wieslab has the direct contact with physicians outside North America. Wieslab collects the serum samples and ensures that they are processed.


A physician must order “The Cunningham Panel™” of tests before Wieslab can process the specimen and the physician will receive the test report.

Pricing and invoicing of PANDAS test

In order to get pricing information please contact Wieslab directly – contact information is found under Questions. We will invoice the person specified under “billing information” on the request form. This is done after the test has been performed but before the test result is submitted. Payment details: Bank: Nordea, Swift Code: NDEASESS, IBAN: SE46 9500 0099 6034 0650 0862.


If you have questions please contact Sr Key Account Manager Monica Blixt on telephone +46 708-862810 or on email  Please keep in mind that Wieslab is a specialist laboratory and will not be able to provide guidance on treatment. For treatment guidance please consult with your physician.


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