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Wieslab AB is a Swedish specialist laboratory focusing on clinical laboratory testing within Autoimmunity.

Wieslab is located in Malmö, Sweden and is certified according to SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and accredited by SWEDAC. Wieslab has been a trusted partner in autoimmunity testing for more than 20 years. Since 2004 Wieslab has been an integrated part of Euro Diagnostica.

Wieslab offers a comprehensive range of individual and panel tests, and prides on always ensuring accurate results. Customers are mainly neurologists, nephrologists, rheumatologists, gastroenterologists and central laboratories.

Wieslab strives to be at the forefront within autoimmunity testing, and constantly enhances the testing portfolio through continuously evaluating and validating new testing services. Wieslab offers support to clinicians through various support tools to enable the clinician to pick the right test or test panel based on the clinical picture.  

Wieslab has formed a partnership with Moleculera labs in Oklahoma USA, in regards to PANDAS / PANS testing. Wieslab acts as Moleculeras service partner in countries outside of North America.

Consequently, Wieslab has the direct contact with physicians outside North America that want to order the PANDAS / PANS panel known as the "The Cunningham Panel™".

Wieslab has no possibility to take patient samples directly and parents that want to order "The Cunningham Panel™" have to contact their physician. This is done in order to ensure that the interpretation of the test results is done by a doctor.  

Please visit Wieslab for more information in English or Swedish.


Contact us:
Wieslab AB
P.O. Box 50117
202 11 Malmö
Visting address:
Lundavägen 151
212 24 Malmö
Tel: +46 40-53 76 60
Fax:+46 40-43 28 90
You can also contact our management directly.

Wieslab AB

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 50117
SE-202 11 Malmö

Visiting address:
Lundavägen 151

VAT Nr. SE556430990301

Phone: +46 40 53 76 60
Fax: +46 40 43 28 90


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